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Here's How You Can Help Emma Win!


The most important thing you can do to help Emma win is to vote for her on or before Tuesday, May 21st.

You can register to vote, make sure your voter registration is up to date, view your sample ballot, and find your polling location here.

The deadline to register to vote is Monday, April 22nd at 4pm.

Council races are non-partisan, so you can vote for Emma no matter which party you're registered with.


This campaign is about building community and bringing people together.

Whether you're a veteran campaign volunteer or taking your first steps into local politics, there is a place for you on this campaign!

You can sign up to help us knock doors, make phone calls, write postcards, host an event, or help in whatever way you're able to.


Emma is running a grassroots, people-focused, people-funded campaign.

In a race like this, every dollar counts.

Unlike the other candidates running in this race, Emma is a working-class person who doesn't have an out-of-state donor base or enough wealth to self-finance her own campaign. You can make sure that we're able to reach as many voters as possible by making a donation.

Any amount you're able to give is greatly appreciated and brings us one step closer to building a brighter future for ALL Lexingtonians. Individuals can donate up to $2,100 in the primary, but there is no minimum.


Let people know you're supporting Emma and her plan to move Lexington forward together with this season's most fashionable item—an Emma for Council shirt!

You can purchase shirts and other merchandise. Proceeds go towards supporting Emma's campaign!

We'd love for you to show your support with a free yard sign and/or bumper sticker.


Even though local elections often impact our day-to-day lives more than state or federal elections, they don't tend to get as much attention.

We need your help to make sure Emma's message reaches as many voters as possible.

Please share this website with your friends and follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and TikTok to spread the word!

Emma Curtis

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